Tips for Keeping warm in winter

Coming into the colder months, there’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire with your family and friends toasting some marshmallows, spinning a yarn and having a quiet drink or 3 🥂

We have a couple of tips to keep you safe as possible.

🔥 Don’t burn anything man-made in the fire like rubbish (plastic, bottles etc)

🔥 Don’t make the fire any bigger than it needs to be

🔥 Extinguish the fire and ashes properly with water before you go to sleep or leave the campsite

🔥 Never cover the fire with sand or dirt. We have seen lots of posts where people have put the fire out by covering sand over hot coals, this captures the heat under the ground and it keeps burning away, heating up the sand on top and burning people’s feet if they walk over the top of the sand because they can’t see the fire underneath

🔥 Be sure to check any restrictions or fire bans at the campsite you are staying

🔥 Prepare the space and remove any dead ‘fuel’ (leaves etc) and look for any low hanging branches

🔥 Drink responsibly – fires and having a few too many sometimes doesn’t end well!

🔥 Don’t light a campfire if you don’t know how to – many bushfires have been started due to inexperienced campers. Winging it if you’ve never tried it before is not a good idea.