Those blood sucking bastards – the best Mozzie repellents and ways to stop bites itching like a MO-FO!

As it seems, Australia is well-known for its relentless mozzies, particularly in Queensland and Northern Territory. But that’s not to say those little bastards can’t strike anywhere, so you have to be prepared. It’s a popular question among the Mums in our Facebook group, and with the help from others wealth of knowledge and experience, we’ve round-up the common answers on what they best mozzie repellents are, and included some handy hints on how to stop the itch!

Disclosure: before we start, this article is written for your benefit, only. We are not associated with any brands mentioned nor do we get a kick-back. The only kick-back is our joy knowing you’re protected from the suckers!


Best to protect the camping site

It seems the old school citronella coils have been replaced by a Bunnings favourite, Thermacell. Thermacell Repellers provides a 21m2 zone of protection from mosquitoes making it a great option to protect the entire campsite. 

Also available from Anaconda or online, Thermacell has a few different models to choose, based on your needs, however among our MWCAC community, the most popular choice seems to be the ‘backpacker’ thermacell and will set you back around $69.99.

Group mumma, Maddy says, “Ive got the backpacker and love it! It’s the cheapest option as the butane cartridges [for other models] are so expensive. The backpacker will cost a lot less as it runs off gas canister refills. I get them from Kmart for $4.”

Best Mozzie repellent for kids

One thing is very clear when it comes to mozzies – they don’t pair well with kids. The best repellent for kids – as voted by many, is PARAKITO bands. While they’re not cheap, they last up to 15 days. Their formula is DEET-free, alcohol-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and don’t test on animals (yay). Kids will also love the funky patterns on the eco-friendly, sustainable wristbands (and, to be honest, so will adults!)

For kids that aren’t keen to wear a band, or take them off, another great option are Buzz Patches.


Best cream

Created by an Australian cosmetic chemist in Darwin, Good Riddance cream, protects from not only mozzies but sandflies and midges, as well. The natural, delicous smelling, DEET-free formula was scientifically developed based on what mozzies hate. How cool is that!

While, Mum, Tamz recommends a few different repellent options she says, “We have good riddance if we need to apply directly, or mozzie patches. My youngest two react so bad. It really depends on how bad they are.”

Did we mention they’re Australian made & owned? 


Best repellent for allergies to bites

Shit gets real when you’re trying to protect someone who has allergic reactions to mozzie bites. While they do contain DEET, Bushman Repellent seems to be the goer. The heavy-duty formulas last between 7 – 15 hours.  Bushman is water, sweat and rub resisitant, and the Australian product boasts multiple awards as Australias most effective repellent. They have also just released a sunscreen!

When repellent fails you or those sneaky suckers have gotten you, here are some helpful tips to stop those mozzie bites itching!


Have you got some other great suggestions for insert and mozzie repellent? We’d love to hear them, drop us a comment.