Sasha Heads Camping Solo for the first time

Mumma Sasha’s Solo Van Towing Adventure: A Journey of Empowerment

Our very own Mumma Sasha jumped in headfirst to tackle the daunting task of towing solo for the first time. If you’ve been there, you understand all those feelings. Originally, her husband was to join the family but could no longer make it. Sasha now had a choice: to go or not to go. If you know Sash, there was no way she was missing out on this one. She was determined to continue on and attend the Grampians Grape Escape, something she did not want to miss. She knew that not only she but also her three girls would have the best time, plus there was no way she was missing out on all those tastings.

With three kids under 11 in tow, Sasha embarked on a 380km journey each way. She not only navigated the roads with confidence but also took charge of backing the van in, and what a victory moment that was. On the way home, she was more than confident; she was proud, knowing she was being an amazing role model to her kids. As she proudly parked the van back at home, Sasha proclaimed, “I don’t need no man!” – a testament to her newfound independence and strength.

Sasha proudly shared her story in our Mums Who Caravan and Camp private Facebook group to celebrate her win and encourage other mums to give it a go, because we are Mums Who Caravan and Camp! The outpouring of support and admiration from the community further underscores the significance of Sasha’s achievement.

The community rallied around Sasha, celebrating her triumph:

  • Naomi J: “Awesome!! Well done. Great memories made and it feels incredible to achieve something like this!”

  • Tanya T: “Super work, lady!”

  • Prue E: “Nailed it 🎉🎉🎉”

And many more uplifting messages highlighted the sense of achievement and empowerment that Sasha’s journey inspired, check them out here in our Facebook Group.

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