Don’t be a crab, nobody likes crab’s!

Have you ever heard of the crab mentality?
There was a lady was walking on a beach when she came across a man fishing. As she got closer she saw he had a bucket full of crabs. The crabs were climbing on each other and the bucket had no lid.
She asked the fisherman if he was worried the crabs would escape. The fisherman said no. He went on to explain that if only one crab was in the bucket it could easily climb out, but because the bucket was full of crabs, if one crab tried to crawl out the rest would pull it back down.
This has become known as Crab Mentality, and sadly it happens in our society with people way too frequently. It is the crab-mentality-bucket effect. It is a mentality like ‘if I can’t have it, neither can you’. Sadly it is way too familiar for many of us.
Have you tried to do something that is bold and different to the norm, like setting off for a trip solo or taking charge of the 4WD while hubby rolls his eyes, maybe even something that scares you a bit, and you’ve felt unsupported and sometimes ridiculed for your courage? Do you feel like sometimes you have people in your life that want to pull you back down?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone we all know that person, and sadly there are many of them around.
Here’s what I’ve done that has helped so much. I chose to surround myself with people who cheer each other on, by the way, that’s you! Without a doubt the best way to succeed and grow is in a community of people that lift each other up not tear each other down, hello Mums who Caravan and Camp 👯‍♀️. We are the people who support you, want the best for you, and have done what you want to do.
Don’t be afraid to connect with others, go find those people, so many amazing Mums right here, we all love making new connections and this is the perfect space to make them.
Believe in you! Let’s celebrate your wins… you will hear me cheering for you!
Ending note, don’t be a bloody crab, no one likes a crab 🦀 😂
photo credit: ABC Darwin