Camping at Easter? Here Are 5 Ways to Make It Egg-citing for Kids

Easter Egg Camping Exploring Activities

Camping at Easter, we have you covered!

Easter camping activities for kids combines the joys of the great outdoors with the magic of Easter egg hunts and bunny-themed crafts.

 If you’re planning a camping trip during the Easter holidays with kids, why not sprinkle some extra egg-citement into your adventure and create some Family-friendly Easter traditions these holidays.

Here are five egg-cellent ways to make Easter camping egg-stra special for the little ones.

Let US Help you Plan your Egg-stravagant Activities

Egg Hunt

Transform your campsite into an egg hunting wonderland by hiding colourful eggs amidst nature’s wonders. Encourage exploration as kids search high and low, behind trees and under rocks, to find their treasures.

Kmart is Mums Who Caravan and Camp go-to for quick probs like these Bunny Foot Prints.

Easter Egg

Easter Activity Books

Egg Decorating Bonanza

Egg Craft Painting Eggs

Set up a crafting station where kids can unleash their creativity on hard-boiled eggs. Provide paints, markers, stickers, and other decorations, and watch as plain eggs transform into works of art. 

This offers loads of entertainment while Mumma sit’s back with a nice hot cross bun and coffee. 

Egg Relay Races

Organise friendly competitions with egg-themed relay races. From spoon races to sack races, incorporate Easter egg elements into classic outdoor games for added fun.

Egg Toss Games

Test coordination and teamwork with egg toss games that challenge kids to gently toss eggs back and forth without breaking them. Increase the difficulty by moving farther apart or introducing obstacles.

What you need to Play

Raw eggs

4 or more participants


All players to be paired up.

The pairs stand about one metre apart, and a raw egg is tossed from one partner to the next.

Those who catch the eggs without breaking them continue in the game, the others are out.

After each successful catch, the players must take one step backward so that the tosses are longer and longer.


Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden

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