Big Little Adventures finally jumped on the Big Mac Taco bandwagon and they can’t believe how good they taste, they had to share! 

Amber said they are so delicious that they enjoyed them twice on their latest road trip. Added bonus that they are so easy to make and take very little time to put together, especially if you get the kids involved!


👉 500g Extra Lean Mince (seasoned with a bit of salt & pepper & about ½ tsp paprika)

👉 Burger Cheese (we used the Dairylea brand)

👉 Finely Chopped Onion

👉 Shredded Iceberg Lettuce

👉 Sliced Dill Pickles

👉 Mission Street Tacos

👉 Coles Burger Sauce (or you can make your own burger sauce if you’d prefer)

Jump on the Big Mac Camping Taco Feast


1. Roll mince into golf ball-sized balls (smaller if you wish).

2. Flatten each ball onto a taco, spreading it out with your fingers.

3. Slap the mince taco flat onto a pan, mince side down and cook for about 3-5 minutes on medium to high heat.

4. Flip the taco mince side up and add a slice of cheese. Turn the heat down a little so the base of taco doesn’t burn.

5. Once cheese is a bit melty, take off heat and add lettuce, a sprinkling of onion, sliced pickles and finally, the sauce!


"This recipe makes around 10 tacos, depending on how big you make the meatballs."

Big Little Adventures crew cooked theirs in a portable butane gas cooker which comes with a glass lid, but you can use an ordinary frying pan on a stove or bbq, they would even be delish over the camp fire coals.

They couldn’t believe how much they tasted like Macca’s. They would say they are more like a Cheeseburger rather than a Big Mac, but delicious regardless.

An absolute winner in their family, and they will definitely be serving them up again soon!