Wow, what a park!

It is well laid out, and there is a heap of sites, we didn’t feel boxed in. We were at this park mid-week and mid-term, so we missed the peak of people. I will throw my assumption out that it can get very crowded at peak times.

Things we liked about the Big 4 Narooma East Holiday Park: The indoor splash park for us was a drawcard. While we would like to see the weather warming up, it is a bit of hit and miss at this time of year. So to know the kids were going to be able to have a swim was reassuring. It also had an outside pool and another indoor pool/spa. The jumping pillow is a must for my kids, so this ticked the box as well. The toilets at the south of the park look like they have just been rebuilt, and they are extremely clean and tidy. The park itself is big, so plenty to walk and ride bikes around. Also, pedal carts can be hired, but we had our bikes this time. The games/dining room was close to us, which I used to do the dishes. There is also a camp kitchen in the park, but I didn’t wander to find it. The park is close to shops. Across the (busy, please watch your kids) road, there is a small IGA, bottle shop, chemist, ice-cream shop, auto shop and more. This is handy in case you need to duck across and get those things you forgot.

There were a few things that took us by surprise at the park. The rules were one of them. The water park/jumping pillow/outdoor pool all opened (unlocked) at 9 am and were closed at 5 pm. During holiday peak times, these do open a little longer, but from memory, only an hour longer. There were rules about the spa time and who at what time could be in there. So be aware of this so you can plan your activities around these times. The other headache I had was the access wristbands. Trying to make sure I didn’t lose five bands was an added stress. The kids’ bands fit my older two children ok, but my youngest at 4 would fall off. As for Hubby, there was no way that band was going around his wrist. You need these bands to access the pool area and can also be used to access the toilets without a code. I’ll happily say I didn’t lose any, but gee, I was constantly keeping count.


Narooma and where the park are situated. The park is on the inlet, and there is literally a bike track that takes you around to the wharf. There is a park at the wharf which our kids loved. The Caravan is situated 1.8km from Australia rock and the head of the inlet where the seals rest. I know this because I googled it to see if we could ride the bikes there, and we did. Warning on this though, it is not all footpath, and there are times where you need to ride on the road. The road part is a narrow hilly section, again as we went mid-week, it wasn’t busy. We packed morning tea, so the we sat with the seals eating morning tea watching them swim and sleep. I also spotted a whale off the shore as well. We love the wildlife. We did a little drive around, and Narooma has an Aldi and Woolworths as well. There are also a few little shops in the shopping center there, including a variety shop, chemist, and bike repair shop. Did I mention that you could hire e-bikes as well? Not something we are into, but definitely something I know


We asked our little people what they loved the most, this is what they had to say!

Chloe (7) and Louise (4) LOVED the seals. 

Jamie (9) loved the splash park 



Water front powered site would be my next pick when we return or and ensuite site.

Must visit,  for coffee/ice-cream/cheese, super delicious!

Camp facilities available:

 Phone & Internet available




 Dump Point




Things we missed but wish we had visted.

Had we have had more time I would have loved to head to Tilba Tilba and the glasshouse rocks. We did drive up the carpark for the glass house rocks but hubby and the kids were not keen for the walk. 


Make the stop….

On our way home we stopped in at the Bodella Dairy.  You and your little people will love Bodella Dairy, they have daily animal feeding plus cheese tastings for us Mumma’s. I want to revisit this so we can feed the calves, as it was pouring with rain when were there. The coffee, cheese and ice-cream where fantastic. 


We thank our beautiful MWCAC Mumma for this amazing review!

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